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Commercial practice, legal support to business

Westbridge Law Group provides legal advice on all aspects of business.

Our lawyers specialising in commercial law  have wide experience  in contracts  drafting  taking into account requirements of all branches of the Russian legislation.

Our services:

  • Company contracts  developng and analysing , including tax analysis
  • International sale of goods (import and export transactions)
  • Cross-border logistics (freight-forwarding agreements, agreements on international goods carriage, storage, assisting in drafting, negotiating, conclusion, performance )
  • Outsourcing of legal services
  • Legal due diligence of the company’s contract base, identification and analysis of commercial risks  within the scope of new or existing contractual relations
  • International product distribution (building a distribution network, developing distribution agreements)
  • Legal relations with retail chains: working out of contractual schemes, participation in negotiations
  • Leasing transactions (structuring, concluding, amending or terminating leasing contracts)
  • Internal policies, including anti-money laundering, anti-corruption rules
  • Issues related to legislation on consumer rights protection

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