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Data protection

Rapid growth of informational technologies, information space expansion, as well as establishing of more strict legal requirements in the field of data protection, including personal data, cause a demand for highly-professional legal support and protection of business interests in the field of information handling.

Legal professionals of Westbridge Law Group have extensive experience in consulting on personal data handling, observation and legal protection of state, commercial, banking secrets, insider information handling. Such experience serves to the best interests of our clients whom we provide a full range of services in the field of data protection.

Our services:

  • Overall audit and consultancy on personal data legislation; necessary measures to be taken to ensure that the company activities are performed in compliance with legal requirements (including local policies and procedures drafts, forms and agreements drafts etc.)
  • Notifications to Roskomnadzor regarding personal data handling
  • Representation in disputes with physical persons arising of personal data handling (including use of personal data with commercial purposes)
  • Legal documents drafts needed to implement the commercial secrets regime in the company

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