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Labor and migration legislation

The successful development of the company's business depends on competent legal formalization of labor relations. Specialists of Westbridge Law Group will help to create labor relationship in which the interests of employees and employers are met. Applying skills and  understanding of  Russian labor law specifics, we will help the parties to find a reasonable compromise on any issue.

Our services:

Labor law

  • Employment agreements drafts and service contracts drafts (the maximum protection for the client)
  • Internal corporate regulations drafts on labour and organisational relations, as well as  international HR policies modification for local level implementation
  • Advice on general labor protection issues
  • Due diligence of employment paperwork (recommendations on risk minimizing)
  • Appropriate schemes development for the termination of employment relations at the least risk for the client
  • Labour dispute resolution in and out of court

Migration law

  • Legal advice and assistance on all migration requirements related to foreign labor attraction in Russia. This includes obtaining of visas, permissions to attract and use foreign labor, work permits etc.
  • Risks management and necessary corrective actions.
  • Income tax of expatriates working in Russia, including the “double” employment cases.
  • Different options to formalize labor relations with expatriates (local labor contract, secondment, mixed structure).

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